Antiques: what’s with this huge increase in people interest?

Art Antiques

"An object or a piece of furniture can only last long if it was born the way men are. It must be conceived as a child." In this quote, we can depict a special appreciation of manual work which is by far the most valuable aspect of vintage objects.

Antiques as a huge heritage asset

Having been part of decades if not centuries of their successive owners’ lives and stories, old or second-hand pieces of furniture have gained some authentic immeasurable values from which industrialists have long tried to turn us away. In few words, the charm of a storytelling piece of furniture is second to none when it comes to enriching your home’s ambience; no wonder the number of enthusiasts of all ages is growing every year.

The decorative virtues of antique furniture

Aside from its huge sentimental value, the purchase of antique furniture has another important asset which is obviously the very distinctive aesthetics it can bring to your home’s interior and exterior spaces. Antiques offer warmth and originality to any architectural space and ancient art has proved to be a perfect ingredient for new contemporary decorations as they usually blend really well together! The fact is that the antiques are perfectly suited to modern homes and today the combination of antique and modern furniture is more present than ever.

Investment in antiques

What about investments? Artworks are highly valued assets in the market as it’s been shown by the results of world sales over the last couple of years which affirm the position of art as a safe haven. Antique dealers have always possessed great opportunities to invest in objects that are constantly being revalued. Unlike a contemporary piece of furniture that loses approximately two thirds of its value at the time of purchase, an old one that has withstood the wear and tear of time is valued with age. Over time, a vintage object value can double every 5 years, an average increase of 15% per year. Not to mention that the acquisition of a beautiful old piece of furniture often remains cheaper than that of a new one. Antiques can be acquired for only a few hundred Euros and Exceptional Antiques to Buy can usually be found online or in an antiques market.

Last but not least, sanitary and environmental considerations are also pushing new buyers to go for old furniture as they usually are free of toxic substances and other allergenic chemical adhesives.

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