French art

suitable hotel during your holiday in the city

Visiting the various art galleries in Paris : Find a suitable hotel during your holiday in the city

Paris is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Many famous artists have lived and worked in Paris, and this heritage has endowed the city with a wealth of art galleries, such as the Louvre Museum and the Musee D’Orsay….

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Art Antiques

Antiques: what’s with this huge increase in people interest?

“An object or a piece of furniture can only last long if it was born the way men are. It must be conceived as a child.” In this quote, we can depict a special appreciation of manual work which is…

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art in France

The situation of art in France

The auctions of artwork signed a record year in 2014 to $ 15.2 billion, according to Artprice, which has just published its annual report on the global art market. Thierry Ehrmann, CEO of Artprice, laments the decline of France, whose…

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