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Contemporary paintings

The Pissarro art gallery is an artistic movement and a dynasty that boasts five generations of impressionists and professional painters. The rich artistic tradition stems from Camille Pissarro, a French impressionist whose legacy lives through his art pieces. You will find astounding contemporary art for sale from the Pissarro family at gallery.

History of Pissarro Paintings

Camille Pissarro's contribution to impressionism made him a respectable artist in the 19th century. Rural scenes inspired most of his paintings, and the outdoors brought to life the randomness of nature in his works. He was a mentor to many impressionists and his five sons. While two of his sons, Paul-Emile and Lucien, adopted his style and subject matter, the rest branched out to other artistic styles. The later generations experimented with contemporary movements, with Leila establishing the Stern Pissarro impressionist art gallery in collaboration with David Stern. Leila is the great-granddaughter of Camille Pissarro, while David Stern is famous in the art world. Nowadays, the gallery focuses on modern, contemporary and impressionist art from the Pissarro collection and independent artists.

Impressionists Artwork

Stern Pissarro is a remarkable impressionist art gallery with global recognition. You will find fascinating works by the five generations of the Pissarro family. Before the birth of impressionism, artists painted imaginary landscapes. However, the artists soon realised that the subject matter changed with the light. Impressionism came into existence in the 19th century when artists began creating pieces that reflect their world. Impressionism provides an accurate depiction of light and includes movement and other broad realistic scenes. Apart from the impressionist art for sale at the gallery, Stern Pissarro also works with museums and the National Art Gallery. Some fascinating works by Camille Pissarro are in famous museums globally.

Contemporary and Modern Masters Paintings

Lelia grew up horning her impressionist and post-impressionist techniques from her grandfather, but she recently started contemporary painting. After her comeback in 2005, Leila ventured into modern arts and created a series of paintings on shoes, animals and circles. While exploring modern masters paintings, Leila started incorporating unique materials in her work. Her artistic diversity is vibrant in her paintings that have wax, encaustic paint and gold.

A Lasting Legacy

Pissarro's paintings have been around for over 150 years, passed down from one generation to the next. Camille Pissarro’s masterpieces still garner international recognition and are an inspiration to many artists. Despite the deep roots in impressionist arts, the Pissarro family relies on modern principles and experimentation with different contemporary styles to remain on top.

Stern Pissarro stands out in the global art scene, presenting different generations of work from the Pissarro art dynasty. With the Pissarro family's best collection, you can indulge in masterpieces from the impressionist pieces or contemporary painting. You will also find extensive literature on the history of the descendants of Pissarro.

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