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Bernard Buffet is a French painter, born in Paris -10 jully1928 – and dead in Tourtour – 4 October 1999. He was graded from High National School of Fine Arts.

The discovering of a great painter

His first painting, a self-portrait, was exhibited in 1946 in the “Salon des Moins de Trente Ans’’ in the artworks gallery. In 1947, he exhibited "L'homme accoudé" in the “Salon des Indépendants” . Then in December he held his first exhibition presented by Pierre Descargues in the “Librairie des Impressions d'Art” organized by Guy Weelen and Michel Brient. Raymond Cogniat bought his "Nature morte au poulet" for the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris. But his real emergence to the large public and professional critics happened only in April 1948 thanks to an exposition in “Galerie Drouant-David, Paris.” He had presented his original lithography "Le buveur" for another challenge: “Le Prix de la Jeune Peinture” organized at “Galerie Drouant David”. And though he didn’t get the prize; Dr. Girardin, a great collector of contemporary art, defended his painting with passion and drew Emmanuel David's attention to this young painter. Bernard Buffet is considered one of the most important fauvism artists around the world.

The recognition from professional critics

Few days later, Emmanuel David went to the apartment at 29 “rue des Batignolles” and offered to the expressionist painter to enter his Gallery with an exclusive contract. This contract was subsequently shared with Maurice Garnier. In June, at the Gallery “Saint-Placide; Paris”, he won “Le Prix de la Critique” ex-aequo with Bernard Lorjou, twenty years his senior. In July, an exhibition of his works was taking place in this gallery. He exhibited "La Ramandeuse de filet" at the” Salon d'Automne”. Since there, professional critics didn’t stop giving close interest to his works and original lithography.

The Brand of Bernard Buffet

He has known people like Camus, Sartre, Boris Vian or Céline. They had earned him some nihilistic conception of existence and philosophy of the absurd. However, he was mostly influenced by the existentialism of Sartre according to Heidegger. The price of his works continued to increase since the beginning of the 2000th. For example, in 2009 300 of his works were estimated at 4 million €, and in 2013 the price rose to 9, 3 million € for 558 works. As examples, in 2014 in Shanghai, his artwork “Deux Clowns” was sold at 480,000 €; and in the same year in Tokyo, “L’Arc de Triomphe de L'Etoile” was sold at 204,400 €. With more than 8000 pieces of art, he was known as a great and hard worker. And despite he worked in several areas like illustration, decoration, postage stamps and sculptures ; his original lithography stayed the main artistic brand of this French painter. Discover information about new art trends, galleries and artist exhibitions around the world in

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