Cultural tourism in Cardiff : rent an apartment during your stay

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Cardiff city is the Welsh capital and its commercial hub. More than that, it is the cultural center of Wales. A majority of the cultural attractions in the country are in Cardiff, which is why the city is a top tourist destination. From music to art to history, the city is filled with spots that expose people to the diverse culture of the region. You can be part of the rich Welsh culture by visiting the capital city. Get a flat to rent in Cardiff and immerse yourself in the best that the town has to offer. Whatever your preferences, Cardiff has just the right activity to satiate your hunger for cultural education. Learn the top attractions and what to do in Cardiff.

Places to Go

No better place gives an insight into how far this Welsh city has come into its cultural growth than the National Museum Cardiff. The neoclassical building houses artefacts and exhibitions of natural history and art. See the geological history of Wales through volcanic eruptions, mammoth skeletons and model dinosaurs. For art lovers renting in Cardiff, the National Museum is a must-visit. It's a treasure trove of works from some of the world's most prolific artists. See a collection of Monet's artwork, including three Water Lilies, Van Gogh's Rain: Auvers and The Cliff at Penarth by Sisley. Discover artists from the region and beyond. The true culmination of culture in Cardiff occurs at the Wales Millennium Centre. Here, you can enjoy performing arts of different genres from theatre to ballet to opera. The Welsh National Opera calls this center home, so you can expect to see world-class shows while visiting. Other organisations that perform at the WMC include the National Dance Company, Literature Wales and Hijinx Theatre. Whether you love choral music, jazz or ballet, you can find the right show at the center. The building itself is a beautiful masterpiece that represents Cardiff's journey to regeneration. Do you want to see a representation of dock life on canvas? The public art spread across Mermaid Quay provides just that. See the best that local artists have to offer while you stroll down the beach. From paintings to sculptures to conceptual pieces, the open-air exhibitions come in all forms. A significant historical attraction in the Welsh capital is Cardiff Castle, which belonged to the Bute family before it gave it to the city. The medieval structure has been standing for over 2,000 years and, therefore, holds a lot of history. Originally built with neo-Gothic features, the castle got a few renovations in the Victorian era like a grand banquet hall that adds to its charm. Visitors can take guided tours and explore what the imposing structure has in store. St. Fagan's Museum of Welsh Life is a peek into how the natives lived centuries ago. It is a reconstructed village based on historical data of how people from all over Wales lived. The open-air museum covers 100 acres with about 40 buildings that represent different structures in ancient Wales like bakeries, workmen's institutes and ironsmiths. Learn about the types of livestock that were reared and the crafts practiced. The museum sometimes has dance and music performances as part of the demonstrations. To discover the culinary culture in Cardiff, venture into the many restaurants, eateries and pubs in the city. Whether you want gourmet burgers or a warm bowl of soup, the Welsh capital has a broad variety of dining options. Pubs provide great opportunities to interact with locals and learn about their culture. Drink local beer or a good French wine while in Cardiff.

Festivals to Check Out

Another reason to look for flats to rent in Cardiff is to interact with diverse cultures during the various festivals held across the year. A festival of Tafywl, the Welsh language, takes place during this time. In summer, there is the International Food and Drink Festival where people can indulge in all kinds of delicacies from different cultures. Welshfest is a music festival that celebrates the Welsh culture that takes place during the last week of July. In September, Cardiff Bay transforms into a hive of activities as locals and foreigners flock there for the Beach Festival. Feel like enjoying a good dose of laughter while in the city? If so, the Cardiff Comedy Festival is a must-see. The coffee culture is blooming steadily and to celebrate, the region has the Cardiff Coffee Festival where attendees can enjoy different types of coffee drinks and creative latte art.

Cardiff has become surprisingly dominant in its cultural offerings compared to other UK cities. The Welsh capital has a little bit of everything from music to art to cuisine. As you look for Cardiff apartments for rent, check out the cultural attractions nearby that you can visit.

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