How to estimate, buy or sell a work by Bernard Buffet

Bernard Buffet

He is one great artist in French history who managed to produce some magnificent pieces for the world of art. His artworks include Femme au poulet, La barricade and many others. His artistry has remained remarkable and most of his artworks are housed in famous museums around the world. In this article, there is information on how best to estimate, buy or sell his artworks. Read on to find out more information.

How to Decide on a Logical Approach when estimating, selling or buying Artwork by Buffet

When creating price estimations on artworks by famous artists, one thing you need to bear in mind is consistency. It can be a challenging process, but through the information you will gather from this article, you will realise that it is not as hard.

As an artist, the best way to do this is by deciding on a methodology that best suits you. That is in terms of; your art form and the level you have attained career-wise. When going through Bernard Buffet gallery, like, you will come across different paintings in terms of content and size.

Therefore, you ought to develop a formula that will simplify the process of explaining your prices to any potential clients. Therefore, here is a guide on how best you can estimate, buy or sell artworks by this famous French artist

1. First Formula: Wage per Hour x Hours Spent + the Cost of Materials

This French artist dedicated his time and efforts to creating beautiful pieces that still wow the world. Therefore, before you can come up with prices for his works, consider the time he spent and all the resources he used in coming up with such pieces. It is the best formula to use on Bernard Buffet lithograph paintings.

By using this formula, you will be ensuring that you cover for each hour that the artist spent on his paintings. It is also best to consider what other comparable artists are selling their artwork. That way, you can manage to come up with a good price estimation whether when buying or selling Bernard Buffet paintings.

2. Second Formula: (Height + Width) x Multiplier

One thing about Bernard Buffet art is that they come in different sizes. Therefore, in this case, this second formula will help develop a good price estimation for his artworks. This is an easy formula to use, especially when explaining it to buyers.

You will realise that it is quite challenging when explaining a square inch pricing of his artworks to potential buyers. However, the case is somewhat different in linear paintings. For instance, a 32 x 32-inch painting at €14 per linear inch:

32 + 32 = 64
64 linear inches x €15 =€960

3. Third Formula: Square Inch x Dollar Amount

It is the most effective formula to use on some of his square inch paintings. All you will need to do is multiply the length by the width. You will multiply the results with the dollar amount that will boost your credentials.

Once you are done, you will round it off to the nearest hundred and finally double the amounts you used on materials and add it to the square inch dollar amount. It would help if you put a good price on Bernard Buffet original artworks because most of them are priceless.

When creating price estimations for either buying or selling Bernard Buffet paintings, be consistent with the pricing as it will boost your credibility and reputation to potential buyers and sellers.

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